Advertise with Music and Voice-over Music is great for Websites

Adding background music and voice-over music messages to your web site is an excellent way to introduce your business and products.

Think of your web site voice-over message as a radio commercial. That's exactly how we plan our voice-over music productions in terms of content, and duration.

Advertising with music and voice-over music is a very smart marketing strategy.

INFO-CHIP COMMUNICATIONS is North America's leading provider of telephone on-hold marketing services and systems. Our 100% digital system of production and playback ensures CD quality production throughout. No moving parts. No maintenance. Just plug in...and play!

Established in 1993, Info-Chip is proud to be considered one of North America's most prestigious and customer-centric production companies, with our emphasis on providing telephone on-hold services to businesses and organizations everywhere! Our service is now being utilized by thousands of businesses across the globe. Our sales force, creative copywriters, voice talents and production engineers work together to ensure a quality product and quick professional service.

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