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Custom Business Software Developers

Custom Business Software Developers

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Custom Business Software Developers

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Nothing gets developed, published or implemented unless someone has a goal to get something done, better and faster.

"The Development of Software Applications Evolve Around Someone's Desire to Achieve Greater Efficiency."

Custom Software Development for Business Applications

We develop software ranging from desktop software through to server-based web systems and a mixture of the two.

Published Software Titles

The Sales Lead Wizard™ ~ Search for Sales Lead on the Internet and Store the Data Collected into an Excel Database file
TelcoMgr© ~ Telecommunications Management Software
SWORD© ~ Field Service Work Order Routing and Dispatch Software
CablePro© ~ Network Cable Management and Documentation
ProjexPro© ~ Simplify Complex Project Management
Millworx™ ~ Advanced Quote Management for Hardwood Lumber Milling and Distribution
Custom Software Titles

Our software applications are designed for industry standard network servers, which provide excellent performance with a database on a LAN or through web site connection. Also, web server based software includes front-end web applications that connect to SQL-Server databases.


We also develop optimized code for web sites. Search engine marketing helps achieve marketing objectives in powerful ways. Directing quality, targeted traffic from search engines helps to increase not only visitor numbers, but the likelihood of doing business with those visitors.