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Telecommunications Management Software

Telecommunications Management Software

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Telecommunications Management Software

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Telecommunications Expense Management Software

TelcoMgr™ is a software application suite for Telecom Auditing, Telecom Expense Management and Help Desk resources for telecommunication professionals. TelcoMgr™ is designed to help you accurately record your business telephone and data services. The program includes databases that can be used for multiple customers such as a vendor may wish to maintain or for a single end-user with multiple locations.

Are you new to TelcoMgr™ and in need of a demonstration copy or license? Be sure to review the "How to Order TelcoMgr" section. The TelcoMgr™ relational databases are designed to be a central repository for the following information:

Master Telephone Company (Telco) or Service Carrier account data.

Detailed line, circuit and/or service data, including summary cost, Data Network Elements and Carrier Network Elements.

A Customer/Circuit Telco history log for each customer/location that is created and maintain in chronological order.

An Asset listing of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), components, equipment and systems, plus vendor information, warrant and maintenance contract data.

Separate Telephone Directories can be easily created and edited for each Customer or Location.

Expense Log by location and/individual expense items.

Telco Rate Comparison Table and Worksheet. Plus, a Baseline Expense Template, which may be copied to as many Customer/Location records as needed.

Global History File & Help Desk Tools, which includes document indexing and warehousing functionality. Save PDF, image, HTML and/or Excel with any History record.

Additional Features

A variety of reports, many of which may be customized, are included with comprehensive data and summary information of existing, or planned changes.

A Telco Glossary for easy lookup of common and uncommon terms.

An an optional 'Import' and 'Export' tool (IMPEX) is available to allow information exchanged among multiple locations. Exchange text, Excel or CSV file types.

Reminder Alarms for moves, changes, additions and telephone company orders.

Comprehensive asset and/or equipment inventory module for serial numbers, systems, components, warranty information, maintenance contract details and other related telecommunication data information.

Dynamic Weekly and Monthly Planning calendars are linked to Reminders and Managed Service Contracts.

Common database for saving Universal Service Order Codes (USOC).

Advanced User Security Access control.



Telecommunications Management Software

Telecommunications Management Software